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Music Industries

Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy: Music Industry

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Tuscaloosa Fine Arts Academy Music Industry Program Information
Music Industry is the business of music. The ultimate goal of the Music Industry program is to teach students how to create, perform, respond, and connect to all types of music, with the focus being on the Popular Music (rock/hip-hop/R&B/pop) of today. At the conclusion of the program, students should have both a portfolio of work as well as relevant experience for entrance into a post-secondary program or employment in the field.

Instructors:  Thomas Furlough and Michelle McDonald 

Course Offerings:  Levels 1-4: Guitar, Bass, Drum Set, Keyboard, Performing Ensemble known as Studio 106, Music Productions (Levels 1, 2), Song Writing (Levels 1.2) 

Awards and Recognition:  Student work showcased at music industry conferences.

Audition Requirements:  Successful completion of a level one instrumental course or a performance audition on guitar, bass, drum set, or keyboard.